Stormborn Studios collaborated with Velvet Mediendesign and director Matthias Zentner to create visuals for the energetic Mizone - Tilt commercial. Mizone is Danone's leading Chinese vitamin drink brand which promotes a new life style of going back to an active life and optimistic outlook on life. In the commercial, the tilted people feel "Out of State" because of the tremendous pressure from work and life. By leading an active life style and by consuming Mizone, the youth can turn their tilt "upright" and restore their "ideal state".

Stormborn was tasked to conceptualise the fluid auras emitted by the protagonist of the commercial which represents the "upright state". Over the course of 4 weeks, VFX supervisor Goran Pavles and FX Technical Director Jesper Rahlff did extensive liquid simulation R'n'D in order to realise the Matthias Zentner's vision. The team completed a total of 14 shots for 2 separate commercials comprised of high resolution water splash elements. Velvet's senior Compositor Chris Weingart took care of merging filmed plates with Stormborn's CG renders produced with the GPU accelerated render engine Redshift.
Custom tools within SideFX' software Houdini were created to emit and trail fluid from the character as well as advanced techniques to mesh sheets of water and render them with 3 dimensional holdouts based on rotoscope shapes of the protagonist.



VFX Supervisor
FX Technical Director
Senior Compositor

Matthias Zentner
Andreas Filip
Manuel Tausch
Goran Pavles
Jesper Rahlff
Chris Weingart