Stormborn Studios partner together with Velvet Mediendesign from Munich, Germany in order to create a handful compelling Visual Effects shots for the automotive commercial Toyota Supra - Analogias. Velvet's Director Matthias Zentner filmed and art directed the visuals, Senior Compositor Chris Weingart assembled plate and CG in Autodesk's Flame.

This is an introduction to a continuation of a long-lasting legacy in 5th generation or yet another decade of an automotive icon: Toyota Supra (Latin prefix meaning “to surpass” or “go beyond”). Accordingly to its longevity as many generations of Mexicans associate with the legend where the car enjoys a special status. As the story of two, unlike racing competitors fueled with compelling energy unravels darkness peers from above the city, framing the minimal setting reduced to asphalt and steel vs. flesh and muscles. The man vs. machine challenge starts. Or is he chasing and racing himself?|
Each one is teasing the opponent they soon become a team of the juxtaposed narration. Kind of a “bullfighter vs. the bull” scenario with a respectful happy-end of turbulence and fire.
Daring dancer and the steel beast, soulmates unified in the celebration of limitless freedom and fellowship.
Deus ex machina.

The Stormborn team had the pleasure of creating the beautiful fire trails left behind by the drifting car. Additionally we took care of camera animations, procedurally animating the floating rocks, as well as simulating ground mist and background fog elements.



VFX Supervisor

VFX Supervisor
Senior Compositor

Matthias Zentner
Goran Pavles
Manuel Tausch
Chris Weingart