Stormborn Studios Inc. is a Vancouver-based studio that specializes in state-of-the-art VFX sequences with the focus on complex FX. From the visualization stage to the finishing of the shots, we can take care of all aspects of the post production.
With more than 20 years in combined Visual Effects experience, Stormborn has the credentials to conjure up anything from devastating tidal waves to epic large-scale destruction scenarios. No matter if you want to blow up a building, an entire planet, set something on fire or have a bunch of tornadoes creating havoc, Stormborn can make your vision come true.
Services offered include Visual Effects Supervision & Consultation, Previz, Environments, Compositing, Lighting, FX as well as guiding clients through the creative process from start to finish.

Shot Production form A to Z
The key of our operation is the production of shots that blow the viewers socks off with the help of advanced 3D setups.
From conceptualizing and previz, modeling and texturing of assets, rigging and animation, FX and lighting, all the way to shot finishing in compositing, Stormborn Studios offers the full process for the post production. We specialize in complex FX, and support it with all the surrounding steps for a smooth execution.

FX Dynamics & Simulations
The scope of FX simulation work that Stormborn excels at consists of large scale destruction setups (collapsing buildings, vehicle destruction, earthquakes, etc.), volumetric simulations (explosions, fire & smoke, clouds, etc), fluid simulations (oceans, tidal waves, splashes, art directable small scale liquids), as well as procedural and particle effects. 

Smooth Data Transfer
In many projects we collaborate with the client and other vendors and need to share data between the parties.
Shotgun as well as an internal custom database allow us to track and share our and the other parties versions. In using the latest 3D and 2D software, we are always up to date with modern file formats.
Security is an important aspect in our industry and all our transfers are subject to encryption secured protocols.

Set & VFX  Supervision & Consultation
As key consultants to our clients, our Visual Effects Supervisors oversee and direct projects to guarantee the technical and artistic quality of each shot and sequence.
Setproduction can be hectic, optimal VFX workflows are not on everybodies mind. Mistakes and negligence can create unnecessary costs down the line.
Our VFX Supervisors will make sure that important information from set is recorded and consult in the filming process for a smooth transition into the post prodcution stage.

Pre & Post Visualization
Describing with words and stills how complex dynamics affect a story is difficult. Timings, rhythm, scale and amount are crucial to the story and should be predefined before expensive 3D work or even filming begins. Stormborn Studios can help to put a moving concept together that can often be modified in real time. With our help, we can create a guide for film and post production, and the scope and costs of a project can be defined at a very early stage.

Variety of Media
Stormborn Studios is interested in creating exciting and awe inspiring visuals. Be it for a the large screen in a theare, tv or computer screen at home, projections or robotic installations on buildings, event halls or virtual set productions, or inside virtual and augmented realtiy glasses.
We successfully completed projects for feature film, animated feature, advertising, TV series, motion graphics, game cinematics, 3D projections and installations. And with each project we enriched our skillset and opened our minds for new ideas and possibilities.