Stormborn Studios Inc. is a Vancouver-based studio that specializes in complex, state of the art FX. With over 30 years of VFX production experience, the Stormborn crew can conjure up anything from magical particle FX to epic large-scale destruction shots. No matter if you want to blow up a building, an entire planet, set something on fire or have a bunch of tornadoes creating havoc, Stormborn can make your vision come true.

Shot Production

Our main goal is to create high quality FX shots. For that, we can deliver simulation caches, rendered FX elements or finished composites of the shots. We adapt to our client's needs to provide the perfect service.


We believe the time has come to bring Hollywood feature film quality to other media such as TV series, motion graphics, game cinematics, 3D projections, animated features, commercials or VR.

911 Shows

It's no secret that schedules can be tight in our industry. With our presets and experience, we can bang out FX even when time and resources are limited.

Library Elements

Like an animation studio treats characters, we treat our effects and setups as assets. This allows us to reuse and recycle our work.
On request, we also create generic renders and library elements, that then can be used by comp instead of practical elements.

Consultation & Supervision

We offer to consult an established CG studio to improve its FX pipeline or guide you through a complex project. With our experience we can help you to develop a solid foundation for the most complex step in visual effects.

Pipeline & Tools

Like any department in a VFX production, the FX department requires many custom tools. We develop our own solutions to streamline workflows and offer to build a solid foundation for your pipeline.

Whether you require an FX department with an established pipeline, or want to supplement an existing project with a team of skilled specialists, Stormborn Studios can provide everything in order to complete FX heavy productions. At Stormborn, we care about bringing high quality FX to our client's projects.