Stormborn Studios Inc. is a Vancouver-based studio that specializes in complex, state-of-the-art FX. With more than 20 years in combined Visual Effects experience, Stormborn has the credentials to conjure up anything from devastating tidal waves to epic large-scale destruction scenarios. No matter if you want to blow up a building, an entire planet, set something on fire or have a bunch of tornadoes creating havoc, Stormborn can make your vision come true.
Services offered include Visual Effects Supervision, Compositing, Lighting, FX as well as guiding clients through the creative process from start to finish.

FX Dynamics & Simulations
The scope of FX simulation work that Stormborn excels at consists of large scale destruction setups (collapsing buildings, vehicle destruction, earthquakes, etc.), volumetric simulations (explosions, fire & smoke, clouds, etc), fluid simulations (oceans, tidal waves, splashes, art directable small scale liquids), as well as procedural and particle effects.

Lighting, Shading & Rendering
In order to tell a believable story, the proper lighting of CG elements is essential, especially when producing photorealistic renders to match live-action plates. The art of lighting aims to maintain consistency across shots and sequences, as well as focus to the viewer's attention to certain parts of an image.

Stormborn offers Compositing services to their clients which is the final step of VFX, the seamless integration of live-action footage with CG renders and elements. Stormborn works with the industry's best artists to produce cutting edge high quality images, tailored to our client's needs. 

VFX Supervision & Consultation
As key consultants to our clients, our Visual Effects Supervisors oversee and direct projects to guarantee the technical and artistic quality of each shot and sequence. Decades of experience, a great eye for lighting and composition help our Supervisors to communicate with both the internal team and client, while making informed decisions to bring each project's vision to fruition.

Variety of Media
Stormborn Studios does not discriminate. We successfully completed projects for feature film, animated feature, advertising, TV series, motion graphics, game cinematics, 3D projections and installations. We are passionate film makers. As long as your project contains challenging CG effects, we're keen to start a conversation with you.